Spiritual made physical

Claudia Hecht ( born January 10, 1965).) is a Mexican painter and sculptor. She has achieved international recognition for her artwork, with exhibitions in Mexico, Central America, Europe and the U.S.

She was the second of five children born into an upper class family in Mexico City where her father was a successful dealer in art and antiquities. Although she was exposed to the world of art from an early age, it was a near death experience from poisoning and the shift in her awareness that occurred as a result that catalyzed her career. It was this experience that caused Hecht to begin seeking an outlet for the insights borne of that shift.

As the daughter of an active dealer in the arts, Ms. Hecht was extremely fortunate to gain at an early age, exposure to a wide range of artistic influences. The implicit religious and spiritual concerns of the indigenous pre-Columbian cultures along with the explicit religious themes of Catholicism formed the underlying cultural context of Latin America that Ms. Hecht grew up in. It was within this context that the young Ms. Hecht viewed the work of the latin artists of the twentieth century as the influence of Eurocentrism began to fade and those artists began to acknowledge their unique identity and follow their own paths. Torres-Garcia, Tamayo, Kahlo, Rivera, Lam, all of these combined to shape the lens through which she projects the perceptions of what Wordsworth once called "that inward eye", onto the canvas.

Hecht has melded those influences and created a unique style, which is largely characterized by the prominence of abstract hybrid figures and forms, often derivative of distinctly Mexican themes, the degree of abstraction depending upon the underlying aesthetic and the choice of colors shapes and proportions used to achieve such. Although she is predominantly a painter, a large part of her early work was in sculpture. Beginning in 1988 she apprenticed on and off in Guadalajara, working in traditional terra cotta in high relief. 1991 marked the beginning of an association with a small group of figurative sculptors working primarily in wood, who shared her interest in primitive expression wherein the Mayan influence is readily apparent.

In 1994 she moved to Rome to study, among other techniques, 18th century gilded painting, which was to have a defining impact on her work going forward. The synthesis of metallics with vivid and highly colorful figures in oil on canvas and wood panel, a technique which would evolve to become the greater part of her signature, had it's genesis during this time and from 1996 onward, commissioned by several wealthy collectors in Guadalajara and Mexico City, this became her focus. In 2002 she returned to Rome to paint and refine her distinct approach to what would, over the next decade, become a movement of increasing importance in Mexico called Pictorial Sculpture Art - the technique of relief painting in oil and metal leaf on canvas, wood and glass.

"The light of consciousness - the creative impulse - shines through the lens of the artist for it's own fulfillment" - Claudia Hecht


2015 Art Monaco Award of Excellence and Artistic Quality, Art Monaco, Monte Carlo, Monaco.

2014 International Artist of the Year Award by The National Museum of Catholic Art and Library, Washington, DC. 2004 Publication at “ART ACQUISITOR” and “MERIT OF HONOR” by Amsterdam Whitney International Fine Art Inc. New York, N.Y. USA.

2004 Recognition as an artist (painter) by “Laurel do Oro” Award. Guadalajara, México.

2003 A finalist in the “GROUND ZERO MEMORIAL” design competition for her concept in NY City, USA. # 683333 which was included in the first 3 rounds of consideration.

2003 Selected on the top 10 at the “Chelsea Global Showcase 2003” competition involving over 3,000 artists. NYC, USA.

2003 Selected for the book “Contemporary Iberoamerican Artists”, sponsored by Queensborough Community College — The City University of New York. USA

2002 Recognition and congratulation by the Mexican Cultural Institute of Washington D.C.

2001 Designated by the H. Ayuntamiento Constitucional de Guadalajara, México, as “Official Representative of Guadalajara” to assist the International Cultural event “Spirit of Women” celebrated at the “Interoceanic Channel Museum of Panama.


2001 Member of A.I.A.P. - UNESCO.

2000 Recognition by the ISTITUTO ITALOLATINOAMERICANO (IILA) in Rome, Italy, for the quality of the art work.

2000 Recognition as founder and president of the cultural project ”Feminalia 2000” by the Mexican Embassy in Italy.

1999 Congratulation from Governor of the State of Jalisco, México.

1999 Congratulation for the quality of the art of work and creativity by the Contemporary Art Museum of Morelia, Mich. México.

1998 Honorable Mention in Painting in the “III.” State of Jalisco Youth Art Encounter”. Jalisco State Cultural Department.

1998 Selected at the” 1st. Bienal Olga Costa of painting and sculpture.” Guanajuato, Gto. México

1998 Congratulation letter from Exterior Affairs of México Ministery.

1998 Recognition by the Dante Alighieri.

1998 Selected at the “Salón de Octubre” of painting, Guadalajara, Jal. Mexico

1998 Selected at the painting contest at the “Fundation Alica of Nayarit A.C.”. México

1998 Recognition by the Mexican Cultural Center of Northern, CA USA

Solo Exhibitions

2014 Embassy of Italy in Washington D.C. USA

2005 Lawrence Gallery Portland, Oregon. USA

2003 National Museum of Catholic Art, New York, N.Y. USA

2003 Finalist “Chelsea Global Showcase Competition” New York. N.Y. USA.

2002 Espacio Cultural Televisa, Guadalajara, Mexico

2002 New York Art Expo. N.Y., USA

2001 International Book Fair. (FIL) Expo-Guadalajara, Mexico

1999 Jalisco State Legislative Palace

1999 European cultural month, Guadalajara, Jal. Casa de Italia. Mexico

1998 California State University, Sacramento. Ca. USA

1997 La Puerta, San Francisco, Ca. USA

1995 Galleria Rassiga, Guadalajara, Jal. Mexico.

1995 Casa de la Cultura, Tepatitlán, Jal. Mexico.

Group Exhibitions

2015 Maddox Gallery, London, England 2015 Art Expo, New York, N.Y. USA 2015.

2015 Art Wanson Gallery, Marbella, Spain

2015 Italian Embassy, Washington, DC. USA

2015 Art Expo, New York, N.Y. USA

2005 National Museum of Catholic Art and History, New York. N.Y. USA

Group Exhibitions

2003 Jadite Gallery, New York. N.Y. USA

2003 Amsterdam Whitney Gallery, Finalist on the "Chelsea Global Showcase 2003 Competition" New York. N.Y. USA

2003 "Feminine Sculpture is Universal" Culture Francisco Diaz de León Gallery of the "Mexican Culture Seminary" Sponsored by the representation of UNESCO in Mexico. Mexico City.

2002 Associazione Culturale Argomm Teatro "Artexarte" Milan, Italy

2001 ANDECO National Consular Association. "Congreso Nacional y Foro Consular de las Americas" Cancun, Quintana Roo. Mexico

2001 "Mujeres de Espíritu". Interoceanic Museum of the Channel of Panama, Panama.

2001 "Feminalia 2000" Mexican Cultural Institute, Washington, D.C. USA.

2001 ExConvento del Carmen. Guadalajara, Mexico. "Feminalia 2000" "Senderos"

2000 Instituto Italo-Latinoamericano (IILA), "FEMINALIA 2000", Roma. Italia

2000 Legislative Palace of the State of Jalisco, Mexico "FEMINALIA 2000"

2000 Espacio Cultural Televisa "FEMINALIA 2000", Guadalajara, Jal. Mexico

1999 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor, MI. USA

1999 Plastic Alternatives Jalisco 1999. Casa de la Cultura de Nuevo Leon, N.L. Mexico

1999 Instituto Cultural Caba–as. "VI International Mariachi Festival", Guadalajara, Jal. Mexico

1998 Instituto Cultural Caba–as. "5th International Mariachi Festival", Guadalajara, Jal. Mexico

1998 Pinacoteca de Monterrey, Nuevo Leon. "1st. Bienal Olga Costa". Painting. Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

Claudia Hecht Debut show in London
at Maddox Gallery

As part of her European moves, artist Claudia Hecht had the central pieces at the launch of Maddox Gallery’s new 3750 square foot space in 9 Maddox Street. Artists, collectors and a very selected crowd gathered in London Mayfair last December for the opening of the show, which ran until the end of January.

The private view, showcased an exciting group of artists on the gallery roster, and was hosted by Tamara Ecclestone Rutland with husband Jay Rutland, longstanding clients of the gallery’s Director and Curator James Nicholls.

Of the ten artists showcased in the inaugural exhibition, Hecht was the only woman and the only Latin-American among the selected group of international artists exhibited. This show was also an important complement to the exhilarating end-of-year exhibitions programme marking the closure of the Mexico-United Kingdom dual agenda of 2015.

More at Maddox Gallery


1983-1987 Business Administration and Marketing Degree, ITESO, Guadalajara, Jal. Mexico

1988   She began her art career creating Terra Cotta sculpture’s in highrelief under the training of sculptor Blanca Göens.

2003   Accademia Di Belle Arti di Roma, Italy.

Some Collectors

INAC de Panamá
UNIVISION TV CHANNEL, Sacramento California
Gonzalo Rojas, Banco Scotiabank Inverlat
Jim Graw, Elizabeth Trump`s husband