She Came With Gifts Of Gold

State Hornet, October 21, 1998

A turquoise and orange painting depicts a full-grown adult woman emerging from her mother’s womb. A smiling gold and bronze hermaphrodite sculpture with male features on one side and female features on the other holds a plate atop its head.

Encased in another sculpture, a large eye is surrounded by many smaller eyes gazing in different directions.”

This technique is contribution from Mexico to the world of art.

Her work involves crating a surface with gold leaves, painting it, and then manually engraving details, creating thousands of tiny holes by tapping a nail into the artwork. Hecht usually paints on wood or metal against a sheet of glass. One overly forceful tap with the hammer could shatter the glass backing and destroy the painting.

There is a lot of detail and colors, but it’s definitely very native and spiritual. You can see a lot of history in what she draws.

A Junior majoring in apparel/textile design said: This is incredible stuff. It makes me proud to know that a Mexican woman has come a long way to show her art.
Claudia Hecht’s artwork includes gold and bronze statues.